Piccapane is an organic farm comprised of farmers, chefs and artisans who have gone back in time to adapt to nature's rhythm.

Mixing traditions with experiences, the farm has organized itself to supply agricultural products, a tavern and a youth hostel.

Olive Oil

The organic farm Piccapane produces extra virgin olive oil extracted from mechanical cold pressing.

The acidity of about 0.2-0.3% allows a long shelf lifeĀ as long as the oil is not exposed to the light or in contact with air through half-empty containers..

Extra virgin olive oil, Table Olives,
Table olives are available in varieties Leccino, drupa big taste of green olives, and cellina, smaller and sweet, as well as the olive paste.
The extra virgin olive oil is a mixture of cellina, ogliarola and cellina.
Wheat Hats, Khorasan, spelled and barley are turned into paste wholemeal flour, in Friselle, friselline oil Extra Virgin and tarallini with buckwheat. We also have a small production of preserves: pickles, eggplant fillets in oil, hot pepper pate and jams.